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Experience Wellness

Discover Self

Explore Purpose

This program explores topics specific to young women's mind and body wellness. Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation and breath-work will be incorporated to develop lifelong stress management tools. Group and 1:1 offerings include Trauma recovery, sound healing, Reiki, Thai Yoga massage, healing therapy through muscle testing, art therapy and more. 

Know thyself.  This program ensures time to do you! During unscheduled activities, explore, swim, surf, or chill with your book and journal.  Supportive routines are part of the program, and so is the time to practice newly acquired skills and habits of mind:    naturally becoming comfortable while you're out of your comfort zone.

This hands-on immersive experience is unique.  The program is tailored to meet individual goals including college readiness, academic skill building, as well as social & emotional skills.  We'll have small group-work and 1:1 sessions on value and purpose--  providing strategies for self-reflection and clarity that are applicable for life.


About the Program

28 days of personal exploration and growth in Playa Tivives, Costa Rica led by experienced teachers and mentors. Learning to cook, digging into self-expression, and volunteering at the local school are more ways we meet our program goals.  You will leave with a toolkit for life! 
Our program is designed specifically for a small and personalized experience. Our teacher-to-student ratio is 1:4. Spaces are limited - Register by November 1, 2022 for an early bird price - $3200. After that the price is $3500 which includes shared room and group meals, airport transfers and planned group activities. 

***We require a deposit of $500 upon signing up

(Full refund if you need to cancel by December 31st)

1/2 due by January 31st

Full payment due by February 25th

*Payment can be made with Zelle or Venmo with no additional fees. If using a credit card, additional fees will be added.

Contact us to make payment arrangements.

Air fare is NOT included.

Time & Location
March 2023
Playa Tivives, Costa Rica

We would like to offer opportunities for young women who want to participate but cannot afford the experience.  

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